Global Dialogue EXPO 2000

Global Dialogue

Sabine Christiansen

The idea for an "EXPO 2000 Global Dialogue" was born in 1992. It was then that the EXPO 2000 International Advisory Board (IAB) recommended that the organisers of the first World Exposition in Germany take up the initiatives of the UN Environment and Development Conference in Rio de Janeiro under the motto "A global partnership for sustainable development".

EXPO 2000 seeks a world-wide dialogue centring on the themes of the World Exposition with some of the cleverest minds and creative thinkers contributing their knowledge. In the "Global Dialogue" lines of thought meet outside scientific disciplines. Different cultures' experiences of the world cross here.

Nine times during the World Exposition, for three days on each occasion, EXPO 2000 is to become the focal point of world-wide discussion. The themes are being developed by internationally recognised institutions and organisations from proposals put forward by the EXPO 2000 International Advisory Board (IAB).

The daily afternoon sessions, Global Focus, Talk around the World and Platform for the Future, will be recorded for television. Sabine Christiansen will be the central presenter for the Global Dialogue programmes. Sabine Christiansen was an ARD (German TV channel) newsreader for ten years and currently heads the most successful political talk show programme on German TV.

Please read also the greeting of Birgit Breuel and Ricardo Diez-Hochleitner.

Interested people from all countries in the world can today already discuss themes of world-wide interest in the Global Dialogue on the Internet.

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