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Copyright: Architectural Record, Bd. 73, Mai 1933, S. 344

The exposition was held on a narrow belt along the shore of Lake Michigan extending just under five kilometres between 12th and 39th Streets to the south of the city centre. These grounds already accommodated the Soldier Field sports stadium and, since the World's Fair of 1893 in Chicago, the Field Museum. The main entrance was located roughly in the middle of the grounds at 23rd Street. Together with an artificial peninsula embracing two lagoons just off the shore, the area totalled 173 hectares. The grounds, which were separated from the city itself by wide stretch of railway belonging to the Illinois Central Railroad, could be reached by boat, train, bus and car. Consequently this was the first World's Fair at which landscape planning had to allow for a large carpark. All possible kinds of transport were used on the grounds themselves ranging from rickshaws to converted Greyhound buses.

The main central exhibition halls such as the Hall of Science, the Electrical Group Building and the Federal and States Building were grouped around the lagoons. In addition to many smaller buildings this area had pavilions belonging to private groups, restaurants and countries. South of this area there was long section containing amusement parks and variety palaces. The Travel and Transport Building was situated at the very south. It opened back in 1931 to give the inhabitants of Chicago a taste of the fair in advance. Large automotive companies erected their pavilions here, too.

Unlike at earlier World's Fairs, such as Paris in 1937 and Barcelona in 1929, the irregularity of the grounds on which streets, squares and buildings abutted in a rather organic way did not permit a layout based on clear town planning principles. This made it difficult for many fairgoers to find their way around. There was no central square and no clear line of guidance through topics.

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The Chicago World Exposition 1933 & 1934
A long shoreline and two lagoons
Year: 1933City: ChicagoCountry: USA
Duration: 27th May - 12th November 1933 und 25th M



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