The History of World Expositions

The Chicago World Exposition 1933 & 1934
A Century of Progress Exposition

Year: 1933
City: Chicago
Country: USA
Duration: 27th May - 12th November 1933 und 25th M


The second World's Fair to be held in Chicago had an ambitious goal: Visitors with a thirst for knowledge were intended to see the past hundred years of science coupled with future benefits for mankind in the shape of elaborate installations and functional factories that were true to the original. This was the birth of the theme exhibition that was later to become an indispensable part of all future World's Fairs. Leading architects from Chicago and elsewhere in the USA designed large, modern halls in Art Deco style which caused a sensation owing to their colourful painting in particular. A lively amusement part offering everything from rocket trips to striptease shows gave visitors plenty to enjoy at this fair.

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