The Participants


Mauritania presents a nomad school from inside

Nation: Mauritania
National Day: 24.07.00



Mauritania is presenting manuscripts from antiquity, discoveries from the time when the Sahara was still a flourishing landscape and pearl treasures in the Sahel countries' group presentation. It is 'multicultural and multiethnic' here. The national databank, which is called 'Cimdet', provides statistics about the economic activities of Mauritanian companies.

Opposite, on the 'wall of water', which is adapted from the Mauritanian coast line, is an aquarium with crayfish, a canon and easel with an oil painting. It is called 'Medusa's river' and points out the Banc d'Aarguin National Park. Films are shown about this national park and Mauritius' second national park the Diawling National Park. The Mauritanian people have also brought Arabic-French teaching books with coloured pictures. They are the typical school materials of nomad children. A bazaar in the hall displays weaving art.

Idea for children and teenagers: Colourfully clad women from Mauritania paint large motifs with henna on your forearm in a few minutes - under a canopy with seating on the exhibition stand or on the stage next to it.

EXPOSEEUM - The Museum of World Exhibitions, Hanover, Expo Plaza 11
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