The Participants


Palms on the river

Nation: Mozambique
National Day: 12.10.00



The emblem of the Mozambican pavilion was designed by the most significant contemporary artist in the country. Paintings by Valente Malangatana adorn a column with a height of six and a half metres. But the diversity of the country's folk art is also presented: Wood carvings by the Makonde, musical instruments coming from the Niassa province, woven baskets and mats made by Makua women.

Visitors are invited to follow the "great river" - Sambesi River, one of the lifelines of Mozambique. The path through the exhibition is lit with luminous blue light from below. On both sides of the "riverbanks", pictures and texts inform about life on Sambesi River: About the villages, the ecosystem, the flora and fauna.

In a small photo exhibition, visitors are reminded of the devastating floods around Limpopo, the consequences of which Mozambicans still have to cope with.

EXPOSEEUM - The Museum of World Exhibitions, Hanover, Expo Plaza 11
Open every Sunday from 11 to 16