The Participants


A day on the Nile

Nation: Sudan
National Day: 20.10.00



The water reflects the morning sun. The sakieh, an ancient water wheel, seems to be turning and a fishing boat glides past. In the Sudanese pavilion you can experience the beauty of the Nile.

Fourteen monitors in a row create the illusion of a running river. The landscapes passing by show the different times of the day, the boat and the sakieh as real exhibits add to the virtual depiction.

The modern paintings of the contemporary artist Ahmed Abdel Aal above this installation create an interesting contrast to the eternal Nile. As witnesses to the ancient cultures of the Nile valley models of pyramids built by the Nubian Meroe dynasty have been assembled.

Reed huts - called Gottiya - designate the entrance to the stand. They are normally found in the South of Sudan. The motto of the geographically largest country in Africa refers to the ethnic diversity - not always free of conflict: Unity in diversity.

EXPOSEEUM - The Museum of World Exhibitions, Hanover, Expo Plaza 11
Open every Sunday from 11 to 16