The Participants


The Pearl of Africa

Nation: Uganda
National Day: 09.10.00



The slogan visible from afar - "Uganda - the Pearl of Africa" - diverts attention to Uganda's stand. After decades of political unrest and civil war, the 'new' Uganda is on its way to a better future. But before visitors can find out about the positive development of Uganda's economy in the ultramodern Business Centre, they are taken off into the mysterious world of the mountain gorillas.

In the closed back section of the stand, the natural habitat of this endangered species has been recreated realistically. The observation of mountain gorillas is a tourist attraction. But gorilla tourism needs to be under strict control if no harm is to come to the animals.

Uganda increasingly relies on ecological compatibility, not only in the area of tourism but also with regard to the cultivation of the export product coffee. A tour of the stand ends on a pleasant note with a cup of Ugandan coffee.

EXPOSEEUM - The Museum of World Exhibitions, Hanover, Expo Plaza 11
Open every Sunday from 11 to 16