The Participants


The fight against the desert

Nation: Tunisia
National Day: 10.07.00



"Tunès al-Khadra", green Tunisia - that's how Arabian chroniclers described the North African country in the Middle Ages. But the share of green areas has declined increasingly over the centuries. From the 3 million hectares of forest in ancient times, only 400,000 remain today. The Tunisian government has therefore declared war on the desert and put the equivalent of four billion US dollars in environment action programmes. With success.

At the EXPO, the "land of the sun" appears as the environmental pioneer of North Africa with its desert control projects. In a reconstructed Sahara landscape on the left-hand side of the pavilion, the Tunisians demonstrate to visitors how they have turned deserts into flourishing oases.

On the right-hand side of the pavilion the visitor can experience Tunisia's long cultural tradition in a reconstructed old city street in Medina, from ancient Carthage up to modern art. The visitor can wander around a Suk, try dried dates in a café and view paintings of contemporary artists.


Delicious "couscous", prepared in "Le Carthage" to an original recipe

"Mechouia" salad of tomato and peppers
"Brick" with egg, tuna-fish or prawns
Couscous with lamb, fish or chicken
Fish à la "Sfax"

"Samsa" with almonds
Fruit salad with orange-blossom water

Various special set meals

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