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African Hall

Africa as a present to the world

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"Africa's Gift" is the motto of 40 African states presenting themselves together in Hall 12. With this exhibition, they express their wish to share their cultural and natural riches with the world - that they have a lot to give. The individual countries display their version of the new millennium. Two groups of states present joint projects. The countries of southern Africa (SADC states) give examples of economic water usage, the Sahel states (CILSS states) focus on the use of the desert. Kenya presents a butterfly farm, Madagascar invites to a stroll through its unique natural environment. The countries' arrangement in the hall is modelled on their geographical location on the continent, the north-south axis being formed by the CILSS and SADC presentations.

EXPOSEEUM - The Museum of World Exhibitions, Hanover, Expo Plaza 11
Open every Sunday from 11 to 16