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Their similarity to the castles of the Somba in northern Benin is deceptive. The five towers that Benin has constructed in the Africa hall are inscribed with the words 'aluminium', 'glass', 'plastic', 'tinplate' and 'art'.

The towers are intended to demonstrate how the country is dealing with the problem of the ever-increasing mountains of rubbish in its towns and cities. Tin cans, bottles and petrol canisters are collected and recycled. In addition to new industrial products, some pieces of art are created in the process. This form of waste utilisation conserves raw materials and creates thousands of jobs.

In the towers, visitors will find information on how the individual materials are recycled. The fifth tower contains works of art that were made from the recycled objects.

Visitors will also discover that Benin is the birthplace of voodoo and that the pile village "Ganvié" belongs to the UNESCO's world heritage programme.

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 Nation: Benin
 National Day: 01.08.00
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