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The exhibition that grows each day
From a distance, visitors get the impression that they are approaching a river. Bamboo, some of it as high as five metres, growing at the entrance to Guinea's exhibition awakens the impression of a riverside landscape. This is intended to symbolise the fact that Guinea is West Africa's "water reservoir" and that all the important rivers of the Sudan Sahel region have their headwaters here.

Behind the bamboo, the country's four different climatic zones are vividly displayed: the coastal flatlands, the mountainous highlands, the moist savannah and the forest region. Exhibits and photos illustrate how the abundant mineral resources are exploited in an environmentally friendly manner.

In order to enjoy the variety of the landscape, visitors can sit back in a comfortable wooden chair, listen to the relaxing music playing in the background and dream of Guinea. Perhaps you will even hear the bamboo growing - it was especially planted for the exhibition.

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 Nation: Guinea
 National Day: 28.09.00
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