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"Djitan Djitou" - Welcome to Chad!
The Chad exhibition in the joint presentation of the Sahel states is dominated by the women: they show new earning possibilities, women support and women's art. They document how vegetable oil and Gummi Arabicum are produced.

In addition, they have developed a new kind of fireplace: an oven which consumes less wood. This helps to protect the wood reserves, collecting does not take so long, and the oven stays hot for longer.

Typical Chad writing boards, that can be simply wiped clean of the ink again, explain the illustrated topics. And if you want to get to know the country better, then you take a pouf in the reception pavilion "Djitan Djitou" (Welcome, Welcome!") and looks at the film on Chad.

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 Nation: Chad
 National Day: 01.10.00
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