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An oasis in the ocean
Giant turtles crawl along brilliant white beaches. Rare butterflies and birds flutter around the palms bearing the unique Seychelles coconuts. From the warm, turquoise-coloured water protrude granite rocks from sunken mountains where coral has attached itself over the last 600 million years. The people of the Seychelles live in harmony with nature. No other place in the world has more natural reserves than these 115 islands.

The Seychelles are a real paradise for scuba divers. Behind the red coral swim moray eels, sawfish, dogtooth and yellowfin tuna in all colours imaginable.

A video in the "Wonderful Waterworlds" theme room within the SADC joint exhibition shows the fascinating underwater world of the Seychelles and also a project aimed at promoting eco-tourism on the Aloabra Atoll.

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 Nation: Seychelles
 National Day: 18.10.00
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