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A journey through six continents
A virtual journey through the 'country of the six continents' awaits the visitor to the Argentinian pavilion. The journey begins at the enormous Iguazu waterfalls in the 'original forest of the large stretches of water' situated at the point where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet. From there it's off to the high mountain region - the point where 'America reaches heaven'. The Andes region of Patagonia is crossed by means of a wild water journey in a rubber dinghy on the Mendoza river. The destination is Lago Argentino.

The fauna of Argentina moves into the foreground on the Atlantic coast of Patagonia, where the visitor can observe penguins, wolves and killer whales. From here the visitor can reach the most southern town of the world: Ushuaia. The journey to the capital Buenos Aires is via the Pampa. The high points of the visit to the city on the Rio de la Plata are, among others, a football match, a polo match and a traditional tango show.


Café Argentino" - first empanadas, then the tango show

"Empanadas" - pasties filled with beef, cheese or maize
Argentinian croissants, filled with ham, turkey and cheese or serrano
Delicatessen platter (large picada) with palm hearts, gambas, olives, ham, turkey, cheese, peppers, sardines, savoury biscuits, chips, cocktail sauce, serrano and bread

"Manzana" - apple tart
"Mihojas" - milfoil with "dulce de leche"
Profiteroles with cream

"Quilmes" beer, "Iguazú" beer
"Café Buenos Aires" - coffee, cream, cognac and cinnamon
Refreshing cocktails, e.g. "Gaby" with champagne, vermouth, cognac

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 Nation: Argentina
 National Day: 09.07.00
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