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Amphitheatre with spring
Built from glass and metal, the Greek pavilion with its exhibits, glass cases and columns inside seems like a museum. Greek technological achievements from antiquity to modernity are exhibited: For example Andikythera's device, which is an antique (80 BC) astronomical instrument displaying the movement of sun and moon. Its mechanism consists of 29 cogwheels of different sizes, which can all be set in motion simultaneously with a single move. The instrument is named after its place of discovery on the small island of Andikythera in the Ionian Sea.

An arcade leads into a room with a Greek amphitheatre, inside which two large trees have been placed. One is raised and wooden. Next to it, there is a spring whose water flows down in between the amphitheatre's rows of seats. The other tree is made of metal. With these two different materials, the trees symbolise the tension between nature and technology.

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 Nation: Greece
 National Day: 25.06.00
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