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Surrounded by two stone walls
The architects of the Irish pavilion were inspired by the Irish landscape and the stones people use in different ways. On the one hand, for example, there are the typical stone walls that are erected to keep out the wind and make it easier to work the land; on the other hand, the stone quarries, which supply precious building material. The Irish exhibit is also surrounded by two stone walls. One wall consists of metal-latticed baskets packed with rocks, the other is made of dark-grey polished Kilkenny limestone.

Five stations inside the exhibit accompany visitors on an interactive journey through Ireland's prehistoric past and into the future. The highlight of this exhibit is the Kilkenny limestone wall. The "Sensory Wall" addresses the senses of the visitors through wind, rain, language and sound.

Idea for children and teenagers: Irish children shot videos and made drawings of their trip into a dolphin-protection zone, a peat moor or the Atlantic coast where Europe's air is supposedly the cleanest. On touch screens in the entrance area they give young EXPO visitors an insight into projects for the conservation of nature.

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 Nation: Ireland
 National Day: 28.06.00
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