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Upside-down roof
An unusual form, a natural material: Latvia shows everyone how to go about it. The Latvian pavilion has a thatched roof. But - its roof is on the bottom and the building opens up towards the sky. The pavilion serves as a symbol of close attachment to nature and, at the same time, the openness of the Latvians. The exposition introduces visitors to the country's three "natural resources": nearly unspoilt nature, unique traditions and the openness of its people.

A beach is portrayed on the inside of the roof - with sand, meadowgrass and pebbles. The beauty of the country and the medieval cities have been preserved in time by Latvian photographers which can be seen in an exposition. Each visitor may also help work on a virtual "Written Sash", the longest sash ever.

Idea for children and teenagers: Transfer your personal dates into a 2000 year old mosaic. If you feed one of the computers in the semi-circular arrangement with your name, address and date of birth the column on the screen shows an individual motif made up from numerous small red and white boxes creating a cross stitch effect. The pictures are based on a 2000 year old mosaic art.

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 Nation: Latvia
 National Day: 30.06.00
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