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Macedonia, Former Yugoslavian Republic
From the planned to the environment-friendly market economy
Macedonia shows how a planned economy can be transformed into an environment-friendly social market economy. The country's economic reconstruction is based on the National Environment Programme adopted in 1996. Some of the programme's projects, such as reforestation and the construction of waste water treatment plants along the River Vardar, will be presented in Hanover.

Visitors can inform themselves about project progress via models, display boards and computer animations. They make it clear that environmental protection not only costs money, but also that it creates new markets. Macedonian agricultural products from ecological farming, for example, are sold as baby food. Samples - for adults too - are available every day at the Macedonian restaurant for ecologically grown specialities.


Heart-warming dishes from the "Bistro Makedonija" 

Bean soup with paprika sausages and baguette
"Schopska salad" of tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumber, olives and grated sheep's cheese
"Macedonian bag" - sliced fillet of pork in foil with steamed peppers, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and the accompanying dish of the day, with baguette
Strips of chicken breast with mushrooms and onions in Riesling cream sauce
"Pleskavica" - rissoles with white baked beans

"Baklava" - puff pastry with walnuts in honey sauce

"Mastika" - Macedonian aniseed brandy
"Skopsko pivo" - Macedonian beer

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 Nation: Macedonia, Former Yugoslavian Republic
 National Day: 02.08.00
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