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Timber, glass, steel and tension

Ease, transparency and innovative architecture are the outstanding features of the German pavilion. A curved roof made of wood, which rests on glass and steel supports, arches over the self-supporting glass façade. The public enter the 'Germany Idea workshop' via bridges. Huge sculptures, busts and portraits remind the visitor of the achievements of famous Germans. A three dimensional space experience offers the visitors fascinating insights into Germany's present. The spectators, who move around on bridges at different levels, have the feeling of participating directly in the event, for example, a lively party in a Berlin court yard. Sixteen exhibits - for example, a Viking ship from Schleswig-Holstein, a cliff from Germany's highest mountain, the Zugspitze in Bavaria, the Gutenberg press from Rhineland-Palatinate - represent the German federal Länder in the "medial garden".


Pickled herrings, spaetzle, roast pork - take your seat at the host's table

Whole grilled hind knuckle of pork with home-made potato salad
Filleted pickled herring menagère with raw onions and boiled potatoes
Rhineland braised beef with red cabbage and potato dumplings
Allgau cheese spaetzle with salad

Black Forest cherry gateau

"State Weeks" with regional specialities from the 16 states of Germany

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 Nation: Germany
 National Day: 03.10.00
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