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"Water - source of life"
Water played an important role in Paraguay's development in colonial times: the Paraguay and Paraná rivers were important connection channels for Portuguese and Spanish conquerors. Today, both stretches of water constitute the life basis for the country's rural population.

The use of hydro-power under the title 'Water - source of life in Paraguay' is the focus of Paraguay's presentation at EXPO 2000. Itaipú and Yacyretá are the South American country's two large and modern hydro-power stations, which are introduced in a 'multi-medial centre' in the pavilion. There, the visitor can find out about the potential of water. Paraguay's flora and fauna as well as its geographical variety are also feature among the pavilion's attractions.


"Nachos", "tartas" and exotic cocktails in the "Bar Guarani"

Nachos with salsa dip
Tartas - various types of cake

Fruit cocktails without alcohol
Exotic cocktails, e.g. "Bahama mama", "Paraguay libre" or "Guarani special"
South American coffee

Range of cigars

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 Nation: Paraguay
 National Day: 13.06.00
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