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An interplay of dark cork and bright light
An unbroken cork façade lends Mediterranean flair to the Spanish pavilion. A columned hall provides access to this cork building, which is partitioned into deep recesses. There are steps leading from a covered patio in the centre of the presentation upstairs to the six exposition halls. The form of the staircase is influenced by the recesses in the exterior of the façade.

The exhibition focuses on science, research and technology, dedicated to sustainable development and solidarity. Spain's extraordinary biological variety - a rich contrast of landscapes and climatic conditions - is also displayed here. The Spanish language is widespread - serving as the economic and cultural language in South and Central America and large areas of North America. Examples of classical and, above all, contemporary art and design are presented in exhibitions and cultural supporting programmes.


Tapas and more in trendy surroundings

"Ajo blanco y gazpacho andaluz" - cold almond soup
Sheep's cheese from "La Mancha" and cow's milk cheese from Galicia
Braised chicken leg in saffron and almond sauce
"Arroz en paella con pescados y mariscos" - rice with fish and seafood

"Crema catalana" - very delicate cream dessert with a caramel crust
"Arroz con leche" - rice pudding

The open-air tapas bar: six groups of tapas with drink (beer or wine) and bread

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 Nation: Spain
 National Day: 19.07.00
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