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Holy See
The "Mandylion", leaving the Vatican for the first time
Crunching along pebbly paths, through a grove and past sculptures, you reach the Pavilion of the Holy See. Here, several display cabinets are arranged in a circular glass and wooden building. A glass-roofed connecting gallery, intended as a place for conversation and communication, leads on to the "Mandylion" in the central rotunda of the exhibition area. This perhaps oldest preserved portrayal of Christ, dating back to the sixth century, has never before left the Vatican.

This entire exhibition invites contemplation and worship. The Vatican is also committed to the causes of justice and human dignity. Its motto for the Holy Year 2000 "Jesus Christ - yesterday, today and for all eternity" is also the motto of its contribution to the EXPO. The building will afterwards be donated to a Catholic parish in Liepaja, Latvia, to serve as its parish house.

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 Nation: Holy See
 National Day: 29.06.00
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