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Living with drought
Sand dunes, rocks and modern office towers: alone the outward appearance of the Namibian pavilion illustrates a country which is rich in contrast: a dramatic landscape, marked by drought, contrasts with the capital city, Windhoek, a modern, rapidly growing urban centre. The Namibian exhibition shows how the country's people, the flora and fauna have adapted to a life with so little water.

One example is the Welwitschia, a plant which is only found in the Namib Desert. It absorbs water through its deep roots and can live to an age of 2000 years. A virtual safari leads the visitor through impressive landscapes, such as the sand dunes at Sossusvlei , which can rise to a height of 300 metres, or the mountains along the Kunene river. Three Projects around the World demonstrate the Namibian population's innovative approaches to the responsible use of water, energy and land.


African beer - brewed according to the German purity law

"Biltong" - air-dried beef
"DroƩ Wars" - air-dried sausage

Windhoek lager
Fruit juices

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 Nation: Namibia
 National Day: 30.07.00
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